Seffaf Mutfak - Sağlıklı ve Güvenilir İşletmeler

  • What is Crystal CleaN Kitchen?
    The "Crystal CleaN Kitchen" project is a movement of awareness and betterment which aims to increase the hygiene, food safety and sustainable applications related awareness of businesses operating in the food industry in the county of Çekmeköy, provide them with solutions for making difference, and relieve their worries about food safety.
  • The Crystal Kitchen Certificate will relieve consumers of their possible suspicions.

  • With the registration of food safety quality, your corporate prestige will increase in the eyes of customers.

  • You will be provided with free hygiene consultancy and guidance on making up deficiencies.

  • As a responsible company, you will create value for the environment and society by leading the awareness and betterment movement for hygiene and food safety initiated in Çekmeköy.

Why Join the Crystal CleaN Kitchen Project?
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